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By Axel Angeles

The Top 8 Must-Do Hikes In Israel

Israel is truly a hiker’s paradise, from waterfalls and lush green mountains to caves and salt mountains, and even canyons in the desert. What more can you ask for? Here are some of the top hikes you can do in Israel.

By Axel Angeles

The 8 Must Follow Instagram Profiles from Israel

So enough of us trying to convince you to live your life or even get experience for your career, this time we will let our participants show you what this “journey” is all about. 

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By Axel Angeles

8 Need-To-Know Hebrew Phrases To Learn Before Going to Israel

Here at Masa Israel we understand the struggle and therefore we came up with 8 words/phrases that will make your Masa Israel journey a smooth ride. Oh and not only will you know the local slang, but Israelis will think you are literally a local.

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