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5 Best Places For Pictures In Brooklyn, New York

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

By Axel Angeles

Brooklyn is known for its hipsters and it’s amazing views of Manhattan. If you want a New York City skyline background this is where you need to go.

When tourists visit New York City most of the attention goes to Manhattan. There’s so much to see that one can get caught up in the island and forget about this exciting borough. Brooklyn has amazing waterfronts, restaurants, clubs, and art to name a few things. I am always surprised at how many times I take my clients to these places and for some it’s their first time ever visiting these sights. Take a look at my favorite places to take pictures in Brooklyn.


Hands down this is my favorite place to take pictures. There's a variety of places within the same area with amazing views of the city, bridges, and streets. This area is called DUMBO because it means “Down Under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpass”. Now that you know, go ahead and wander and get ready to take all the pictures for your Instagram.

START: If you take the F train, walk outside and make a right towards Water St. Once you‘re there you‘ll notice the cobble stone streets that mark the history of DUMBO. Head towards the overpass on your left and see the glory and noise of this Brooklyn gem. You will stumble upon a square and cross into the archway under the Manhattan Bridge. Keep straight on water st and Washington st. if you haven’t taken photos yet, this is the iconic crosswalk. Try all angles from the bottom to the top. Look around there’s stairs all around, get on them and start shooting all angles. Also, take advantage of the brick walls and cobble stone, use these backgrounds for headshots or cool effects.

END: Once you’ve got your shot walk south towards the water. There you will see train tacks and a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Head towards the Brooklyn bridge and you’ll see a waterfront with amazing views of Manhattan. There’s also a beautiful carrousel that works for a great photo as well.

2. Domino Park

This is a hot spot in Williamsburg, recently completed in 2018. This hip waterfront has a lawn to picnic and where locals go to hang out. Theres a volleyball court and even a taco spot! Make sure you’re ready to chill and gaze at the city skyline.

START: Kent Ave. and S 5th st. Enter the park with the Williamsburg bridge hovering over. Walk straight to the water and see the Manhattan skyline. This marks the beginning of the park from the south end. I love to come here with my friends and take pictures because you can chill on the benches or lawn, and have an awesome view. Chill for a bit and then head north towards the tacos!

END: You can go on top of the taco restaurant and see the iconic blue railroad structure. Gaze over the city from above and take cool pics with this nice baby blue palette. When you come down you can walk under the structure and get some shade for those bright days. Exit towards the wall and use the grafitti on the walls to express yourself.

3. Williamsburg Bridge

This is my favorite bridge in New York City. It’s majestic and raw. Don't let it fool you! It’s a work out to walk and bike this bridge, but like everything in life, you gotta work hard to play hard. You’ll know what I am talking about if you decide to bike the bridge.

START: I suggest starting on the Brooklyn side. There’s something about entering the city that will make you feel like you're in a movie. Take a look at all the colors: Red and Gray with a whole bunch of graffiti messages on the floor. Use all of these as props for your shots. Midway you will be able to cross over to the bikers side to get a glimpse of the city skyline. I recommend going during sunset for the best shots.

END: Keep walking the bridge towards the Lower East Side. You will see the World Trade Center on your left. Once you start descending you will see two lanes. One for pedestrians and one for bikers. This is a good way to see the diversity of the city and also people watch. If you love street photography I suggest taking this opportunity to take some pictures!

4. Brooklyn Bridge

This iconic bridge is a must see in New York City. What makes this bridge special in my opinion is that it's a signature New York sight. The majestic suspension bridge has two towers that make for an amazing background. The metal ropes connecting the towers allows the images to have depth and longitude.

START: The entrance in Wall St. is where you should begin. You could walk towards the first tower and have the city as your background. There are many tourists on this bridge so you must be patient if you want to get a clean shot. Once you get to the first tower then you can get amazing shots of the city and the bridge itself as your background. If you're brave sitting on the side banks gives for a great shot.

END: Towards the end of the bridge you will have more space because most of the tourists concentrate in the beginning of the bridge. You can capture the depth of the bridge an include the metal ropes as part of your scene.

5. Prospect Park

This is the Central Park of Brooklyn. I like this park because its where the locals go and its less crowded. It's massive so you have to be really explore it if you want to see its beauty.

START: Grand Army Plaza. You will see a big arch right outside the park. This landmark could be used as a great photo opportunity because it shows a different side of the city. This entrance reminds of the "Parque de el Retiro" in Madrid. Once you enter the park head towards boathouse.

END: Long Meadow Ballfields. This is where you will see the big trees and massive green lawn, almost like a secret field of locals. There you can walk around, play sports, and take photos.

For more information about booking a photoshoot with me click here.

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