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5 best places to take pictures in Manhattan, New York

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

by Axel Angeles

Manhattan streets

New York is considered the most photographed city in the world. Why? Well because there are endless options for photo opportunities! In New York City you can find every type of architecture and background. There are endless possibilities in the big apple for photoshoots, whether it's for your Instagram, personal, or even dating photos. Here are the best places to take photos. 

1. Washington Square Park

Photo Location

This is my favorite park in New York City. It’s where all the artists hang out and the center of NYU.

START: I like to start at the NYU Law Library where you can capture shots with the brick wall and visit the courtyard. Then cross the street unto the park and walk down the path with all the benches towards the fountain. Along the way you will see musicians, artists, locals, and tourists from all over the world. Once you get to the fountain you can sit inside of it or play with the water. Look straight behind you and you’ll have the famous arch that reminds me of the arch de triomphe in Paris.

END: Take some shots in the fountain courtyard and then wander towards the east side of the park to see the flowers and skaters showing off their skills. 

2. Central Park / Bethesda Fountain

Photo Location

There’s many places to take photos in Central Park. It's massive but a good point to start is in the middle.

START: My best advice is to head towards the Bethesda Fountain. There you will see everyone taking photos because of its grand staircases and architecture. Many people take their wedding photos there and right across from there you can walk through the iconic walk way of hovering trees. 

END: walk towards the famous Sheep's Meadow where all the local New Yorker's hang out and look at the city skyline. People play sports, lay, and chill on the great lawn.

3. High line/The Vessel**

Photo Location

I used to live in Chelsea so I got to really explore the neighborhood. There's a lot to do now that the Hudson Yards complex is almost finished being built. The High line is a park built into an old elevated rail line that goes north bound on the west side of Manhattan. **Make sure to reserve FREE tickets here for The Vessel before you go.**

START: Start at Washington St and Gansvoort, next to the Whitney Museum. That's the beginning of the High Line. Once you're up there go straight north and get mesmerized by all the buildings, art, and views of the city. Along the rail line you will see various stations where you can get a view of the city streets and new buildings. Best times to go is early morning and sunset.

END: Once you've trekked and stopped for millions of pictures and peeked inside people's apartments. You will end up at the newest addition to Manhattan's tourist destinations: The Vessel. You will have to get tickets to go inside but in the meantime photos outside of the structure come out futuristic and really fun. Go inside the structure and you can go up the many stairs to get amazing views of the Hudson, the surrounding buildings, and of course the grand architecture.

4. SoHo

Photo Location

If you're a fashionista, this is where you need to be seen. This is Manhattan's chic neighborhood where you will find all the top fashion houses, boutiques, and names in the industry. You might even get lucky and spot some celebrities. I saw Karlie Kloss once, no biggie.

START: SoHo is pretty small but it’s known mainly for its cobble stone streets and warehouse looking buildings. Among all the famous stores and brands, the streets are flashy with bright colors and graffiti. Start on Prince street and walk towards Greene street. Greene street is where the main architecture of SoHo lies and you’ll be able to photograph the iconic fire escapes in the background.

END: Make your way south towards Broome or Grand. Walk along all the stores and get some shots on the store front steps. There are so many different ways to capture your outfit and the NYC vibe in this little fashion gem.

5. Flatiron

Photo Location

This area of New York reminds me of Europe, mainly because the Flatiron building has a specific look. It is an architectural gem in the middle of the city. The cool thing about this area is that you get best of both worlds, the view of the Flatiron, the Empire State, and Madison Square Park.

START: Begin right under the Flatiron building. That way you can get a view of the Empire State building as your background. Then you can walk towards the Empire State and slowly catch yourself with the Flatiron building in the background. The further away you are the clearer it will become. Once you get the shot you need, cross over to Madison Square park.

END: Madison Square Park is a small getaway inside the city. There's two fountains in the park and views of the iconic Flatiron building from the north side of the park. A good picture would be to walk along the trails and end up by the shake shack where there's a beautiful fountain that overlooks the Flatiron building.

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